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Home Care Startup in Florida

As the population of senior citizens continues to grow, as does the potential opportunity of success, when starting a home care business in Florida. Existing home care businesses in Florida have seen an influx of clients in large numbers. If you are looking to start a homecare business in Florida, you will need to meet quite a number of requirements as home care business startup in Florida can be challenging and quite complex.

There are plenty of items to consider before starting a home care business in Florida. If we are being honest, there is no easy button for success. You need to have a marketing plan that works, a professional staff to service your patients, and so much more. But, before you are able to market or begin hiring, there are quite a number of items you will need to address before you can open your doors and start your home care business in Florida.

Let’s dig deeper into what a home care business is and how can you start one in Florida.

What is a Home Care Business?

As the name suggests, the business provides care to those individuals who are in need of constant care or assistance with daily living activities. In addition to the elderly citizens, there may be people who are unable to take care of themselves as they may have an injury or are suffering through a disability.

In addition to this, home care business owners help the patients in their care with their day-to-day care such as preparing meals, cleaning the house, help them dress, or drive them to and from the doctor’s office.

Whether you are looking to start your own home care business in Florida, or a skilled home health care business, Certified Homecare Consulting can help. Contact us today for more information. We guarantee our Florida State Home Care Licensure and Accreditation.

Here are the steps you need to follow for starting a home care business in Florida.

Create a Business Plan for your Florida Home Care or Home Health Care Business

As you do with all the other businesses, creating a viable and feasible business plan is the first step to starting a home care business. You need to have the following things before you do anything else:

Executive Summary- This is where you detail the fundamentals of your business.

Company Description- Let the people know your business mission and what you are trying to achieve with your Florida home care business.

Services- What will you be providing to your community and what are the services that your company will offer?

Marketing Plan- How will people find out about the services that your company provides?

Management & Organization- Here you talk about who owns the business and hierarchy of your company.

Operational Plan- In the operational plan you will talk about the facilities, staff, and supplies you need to run the business.

Financial Plan- This is where you talk about the financial side of the business, such as you the cash flow, balance sheet, and break-even analysis.

Register your new Home Care or Home Heatlh Care Business with the State of Florida

The main goal of registering with the state is to receive the support from Medicaid and Medicare, but first you need to meet the standard that has been set by the government. You need to get your business certified by the State of Florida.

Once you get your business registered with the state, you will get your tax identification and register for your National Provider Identification number. If you are starting a business elsewhere, then the requirements may be different.

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    Home Care Licensing in Florida

    Once this is established, the next step is to contact AHCA. For more information on this process, please contact Certified Homecare Consulting. In Florida, there is a homemakers license, as well as Home Care and Home Health Care Licensure. The Florida home care startup process is complex and best explained over the phone. Call us today. We guarantee your licensure and accreditation.  

    Florida Home Care License approval involves a number of applications and registrations. The process is easiest if you hire Certified Homecare Consulting.

    Hiring Staff for your Florida Home Care Business

    As we all understand that home care business is an incredibly sensitive one, you need to make sure that the staff you hire are all professionals and that they represent what your business’ values and goals are.

    In order to hire professionals, there are many routes that you can take such as contacting recruitment agencies or taking to social media to look for people to hire. Social media can do wonders because job openings have a tendency to get around quick and in no time you will start receiving applications and queries about the job openings that you have. Websites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed are also highly recommended.

    Execute the Marketing Plan

    After setting everything up, you need to get clients, and this can be an incredibly infuriating and tedious process because you need to invest time and resources in order to grow your business. It can take time, but if you do it right, the entire process of getting clients can be expedited.

    One of the most crucial parts of starting any business, especially a home care business in Florida, is that you need to have an effective marketing plan because if you mess this part up, then chances are that it will take longer to get clients.

    Here are some potential effective marketing ideas that you can deploy:

    Have a marker in the field visiting with potential patient referral sources and potential patients

    Having an online presence is a cardinal rule that you need to follow. You need to ensure that social media presence is maintained.

    In addition to having an online presence, you need to have a website that is functional and is known by Google. When people hear about you, they will Google you and if they do not find you, then that can be problematic. Furthermore, having a website helps you to build brand image.

    Know what your Unique Selling Point is, and how to capitalize on that. Let the people know why they should choose you and not someone else.

    There are many associations and groups that you can join, in addition to helping with clients, it will help you be a part of a larger network that will help you out in the long run. Being a part of an association like National Association for Home Care & Hospice, you will be able to voice your concerns to your community of practice.

    How much money do you need to start a home care business in Florida?

    This is one of the most important aspects of starting your home care business in Florida, because everything hinges on financing. From hiring professionals to executing the marketing, and from providing facilities to paying the bills, it is essential that you be smart about your finances and manage them accordingly.

    You need to have a finance plan that is independent of the payments that you receive from 3rd party payers because they can take a while before they reach you, and in the meantime, you do not want to be operating a business with no cash on hand. Hence, you need to ensure that you have put in place a plan that is feasible and does not rely on any one single source of income.

    I want to start a home care or home health care business in Florida, what do I do next?

    A home care business is usually considered to be the one catering elderly. However, it does not have to be limited to the elderly population. Children, teenagers, adults, all have been facilitated by homecare and it all ends up on the company’s service diameter. It can be targeted for elderly in the start and then as the business starts setting its feet in the market, the services can be increased.

    Our Florida home care business consulting services will make the work process easier for you as we are well versed at establishing home care business in Florida – in fact, we do most of the paper work for you and guarantee your licensure. If you want to start a successful home care or home health care business in Florida, call Certified Homecare Consulting today. Our program includes licensure, accreditation, policies, training and a back end support for all queries and paperwork. All in all, we do the startup work for you and assure the successful startup of your Florida home care business. Call Certified Homecare Consulting today for more information.

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